Paris Day 2

Our first full day in Paris. We logged over 12000 steps and this was a take it easy day.
After not getting up until almost 9:00 am, we had a quick breakfast of cereal and tea and headed out the door before noon. But not before I clipped on my iPod Nano with its pedometer app. We logged over 12000 steps and this was a take it easy day.

First up was a walk back to the Île Sain-Louis poking into shops and such. I purchased a few things for my DGD as did K.

Then off to Île de la Cite and a stroll through Notre Dame. I’d been there before but it was nice to go through it again. The inside is an amazing feat of construction. We sat for awhile and just soaked it all in. Then more walking to find some lunch. We ate at Brioches Doree, a sandwich place found in many locations around Paris. This one was in the Latin Quarter just on the other side of Île de la Cite. Had a ham sandwich and chocolate/banana tart. Then back to the island.

La Conciergerie in the Palais of Justice is a former royal palace and prison. Hundreds of people we taken here to be tried before going to the guillotine during the French revolution, including Marie Antoinette. La Conciergerie now has a recreation of Marie’s cell during her last days. The gated area shown above is in the Women’s Courtyard and is where prisoners were held just before being transported to the guillotine.

Then we went on to stroll through the flower market on the island. Earlier, we decided to focus our photos on a single color for the day. Since we were revisiting places we had been to before and taken way too many photos already, this was a good focus for our cameras. K chose red and I chose orange for today. Here’s a collage I put together using an app I downloaded for the iPad.

By now, it is time for a glass of wine at another of our favorite places Le Bar du Caveau in the Place Dauphine.

We had lunch here last time and enjoyed it.

And here’s the inside.

We visited a gallery just a few doors away and that’s when we got the news about the earthquake in Japan. How horrible that is and so much devastation in Japan. It just shows how isolated from world events you can be when on vacation. We will be looking up the news when we get back to the apartment tonight.

Back to the Marais to make our dinner reservations at Cafe de Musee. We both had entrecôte and frittes followed by the crepes for desert. The crepes came with a bit both caramel and chocolate sauce.

We were back in the apartment by 9:30. Tried to go to sleep around 11 and slept for a bit but here I am awake at 3 am. I’ll pay for it tomorrow.

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