Paris Day 4

Today, Sunday was a day of rest. for me anyway. We managed to get up to our alarms at 9:00 am and out of the apartment by 10:00 am. We were headed for the flea market at the southern end of the city. After buying a pain du raison (raisin danish) to get change for the Metro, we headed out and three Metro lines later we arrived.

March aux Puces is basically Flea Market. It runs every Sat and Sunday.

The flea market was not that special. junk is junk whether it is Paris or the Bay Area. K bought two small engravings and I walked away with nothing.

We returned to the Marais and I was sinking fast. So we had lunch at Le Petite Saint Paul. Another of our favorite little places.

We both had Quiche Lorraine and salad for lunch, after which I headed back to the apartment and K went off on her own. On the way back I took some pics of the neighborhood. So here is a little tour:

Rue de Turrene which is the main street off of the Rue de Rivoli and runs right by our street. Here’s what it looks like:

Our apartment is at 9 Rue Saint-Gilles.

If you turn 90 degrees from this last pic you see one of our favorite restaurants Cafe de Musees.

This restaurant is a highly recommended place to eat in Paris.

This pic is looking down our street. Can you believe a bus and garbage truck navigated this street right after I took this picture? The cars on the right side just behind the people are parked and if you look close you can see the bus entering the other end of the street.

Here’s the SuperMarche (supermarket) directly across the street from our building. Closed on Sunday, but open very late every other day.

And finally our building, number 9.

After a three hour nap, I was feeling better. We headed out for dinner about 7:45 pm. Remember that is early for dinner even on a Sunday. Happy hour here is from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

We were headed to Caffe Boboli but it turned out to be closed. So we ate at Le Bucheron just down the block. I had excellent veal scallopine with mushrooms and penne pasta. We’ll have to come back to this place.

Then, in lieu of desert, we stopped at Dome St. Paul for an after dinner Amaretto.

Only 9400 steps for me today, but not bad for sleeping half the afternoon away. We have big plans for tomorrow and they don’t involve setting our alarms.

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