Paris Day 5

Today, Monday, was a whole lot more interesting than yesterday. If yesterday was a day of rest, today was a day of climbing hills and stairs. We logged just shy of 18,000 steps today. 8 plus miles.

We started the day by taking the Metro to the Charles DeGaulle Etoile station at the top of the Champs Élysées. I was determined to go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for the view.

Frommer’s opinion is it is a better view than from the top of the Eiffel Tower. That’s subject to opinion but our Museum passes get us into the Arc but not the Eiffel Tower.

We took the elevator to the top rather than climb the 284 steps. Being it was Monday, there were no lines.

K wanted me to publish her pic with the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Arc on my blog so here she is.

While we were up there a blimp kept cruising back and forth from the Eastern end of the city to the Bois de Boulogne and back. It was close enough we could hear it motors.

The sky was a bit overcast so the pictures are not real clear. Here is one of Sacre Coeur in the far distance.

You’ll see up close pics of this shortly as that was our next stop after a stroll down Champs Élysées followed by lunch. Only one minor glitch–the elevator was not working during lunch, so we had to walk down the 284 steps. That’s almost as good a workout as walking up, for the legs anyway.

We had to stop and window shop at Cartier. Nothing under 8000 Euros in that window.

Then lunch at Brioche Doree. The sandwich special includes a ham sandwich on a baguette, desert and a drink for 8,30 Euro. that’s about $11.

After lunch we hoped the Metro out to the Montmarte. We took the Funicular to the base of Sacre Coeur and then hiked the rest of the way up the steps. Last time we were here it was so foggy we couldn’t see a thing. Today the sun was mostly out and the view was great.

We then explored the Montmarte village in search of the hotel that K is transferring to after I leave on Sunday. With help from a shopkeeper and a map she generously gave us, we found it.

More walking up and down hills so steep some required stairs to navigate them and we were back at the foot of Sacre Coeur which is the fabric district and we went shopping St Le Marche St Pierre where we got great linens last time we were here. The selection wasn’t as good this time. K bought a couple of things but I didn’t buy anything.

When we finished, it was time to sit for awhile, have some refreshment, and people watch at Le Ronsard right across the street from Sacre Coeur.

Next on the agenda was the Metro back to Charles DeGaulle station and we walked the entire length of the Champs Élysées from the Arc to the West end of the Tuileries. What a beautiful evening for a walk.

We hopped on the Metro at the Concorde station back to the Marais. We had dinner on the Ile Saint Louis at La Taverne du Sergent Recruteur.

I had the lamb and K had the pork. delicious. And, because we surpassed our steps to date, we had some Berthilion Glacé (ice cream) for desert.

We are exhausted and my legs are feeling all those stairs and hills we climbed today. Tomorrow we plan to take a day trip to Chartres, about an hour train ride away.

Today’s color was yellow. Unfortunately my camera battery (and the spare) died before I could do yellow justice. This will have to do.

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