Paris Day 7

For some reason I am unable to fall asleep before 2:00 am. So when I say I got up after 10:00 am today, I really only had 8 hours sleep. :). I took my time getting ready and K and I were out the door at the same time, about noon, each to our own destinations.

I headed West down Rue de Francs Bourgeois in search of a yarn shop which was supposed to be at #40. Since most businesses don’t have addresses posted, I never found it.

So on I went to finally find the Musee d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme. I think I now know why I didn’t find it before. There are two rue du Temples within a few blocks of each other. One is rue du Vieille Temple. That’s not the right one. If I had been on the rue du Temple before, I couldn’t have missed the museum.

Normally I am not a big museum nut. I enjoy them in small doses. But, I have to say I spent almost two hours here learning about the history of the Jewish people. I have Jewish ancestry on both sides of my family and I have always been drawn to Jewish novels, history, and any thing that teaches me a little bit more about the customs and traditions. So this museum was wonderful.

I snuck a picture of the extremely old Jewish wedding bands displayed. I don’t know how any woman could wear one of these, they are huge, but maybe just symbolic not for everyday wear.

After the museum, I strolled down Rue DES Rosiers in the Jewish quarter and bought my lunch at Korcarz Jewish Boulangerie. A fromage et epinard turnover and tartelette pommes.

Then back to the apartment for lunch. Before heading upstairs though I hit the G20 to stock up on TP and breakfast items. Seems we have been getting back after the market closes each night.

After heating and enjoying my lunch purchases I headed out again for Center Pompidou to see this modern art museum and meet K at 6:00 pm for champagne at Georges at the top of the Pompidou. Wonderful views from this outdoor cafe.

The Pompidou was undergoing some kind of renovation and only about half the collection was available. I did grab some pictures. Here’s one that shows you can glue just about anything to an old screen and call it art.

Can you believe I took that picture? And without flash, looks like a postcard.
And here’s another one that I swear is a popular quilt pattern.

It was pretty cold at George’s outdoor cafe on top of the Pompidou so we only stayed long enough for one glass of champagne. Then off to dinner at one of David Lebovitz’s recommendation, Ma Bourgogne on the Place des Vosges. Which is about three blocks from the apartment.

Even though I stayed in the neighborhood, I managed to log over 12,000 steps today.

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