Stash Report April 2

Well the first quarter of 2011 is finished. I’m happy to say that to date I have only purchased 2 yards of fabric. And, that was to finish my February UFO. Nothing in my stash would work. I even used two color in the binding so I didn’t have to purchase any more. Here are my stats:

Total used this week        1.72
Total used year to date    13.60
Total added this week      0.00
Total added year to date  2.00
Net used year to date       11.60

Normally this would mean I haven’t been sewing, but as you can see from my UFO status, I’ve finished two quilts and am on my way to finishing two others on my UFO list. And, all this momentum has caused me to get another one not on the list ready for quilting.

Now the question is What do you do with all these finishes???

I don’t have a problem finishing quilts that have purpose and need to be complete to give to someone. The quilts on my UFO Challenge list this year are not tagged for anyone special.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Maybe send a couple to your son’s house, or pick one or two to send over to Japan. If you can’t bear to part with them, then start a rotation so you take a new one out each month, even if just to lay over the couch!


  2. I guess you just stack them up. I have a bunch of mine over the rails of the crib I used for Jen’s kids. Jack is now four and won’t go near the crib but I can’t take it down as I have no place for all those projects. Muffet can give you a report after she comes down this week.


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