Design Wall Monday

Here is what is on my design wall today.

I started this quilt to get rid of all the 1930s prints I had in a drawer. This barely made a dent. Either that or these prints reproduce. 🙂 This is simply a Disappearing 9 Patch with the four patches in each of the four corners and a solid piece in the middle which makes the cornerstone. I’m auditioning the pink setting triangles. I think they are keepers.

I just realized I haven’t posted in a while. Not because I haven’t been sewing; I have. Just haven’t had the urge to write a post. I started another quilt as well which I’ll post about later.

Check out Judy’s blog for more Design Wall posts.


  1. I think you are right, they do reproduce! I really like your quilt, and like Diane said above, 30’s fabrics are just, plain happy. I like the pink border fabric too.


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