Design Wall Monday 6/13 and a Puzzle

My design wall looks exactly the same this week as last week. So instead I will show a photo of the quilting I finished yesterday.

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink

I know, quilting this quilt is out of order for Judy’s UFO challenge, but as I understand it, there are no quilt police. So I’m shifting things around. Having this one quilted will assure me a finish for June.

And, rather than putting the rows together on the 1930’s quilt on my design wall, this week I started yet another new set of blocks. All from scraps though, so I’m sticking to my “use what I have” plan.

So, here’s what has been puzzling me the past few days. I usually buy Warm and Natural batting by the yard when it’s on sale or with a coupon at JoAnn’s. Saturday I took my 50% off coupon in to stock up on batting. They had packaged Warm and Natural on sale 40%. So I decided to do some calculating on the full retail price to see which was cheaper, by the yard or packaged.

Well by my calculations, it is actually cheaper to buy packaged batting. Without considering coupons or sales, here are my calculations:

Packaged queen 90 x 108 = $34.99

3 yards of by the yard (108 x 90) at $13.99 a yard = $41.97

This was mind boggling to me since usually you get things for less when you buy in bulk or in this case by the yard. Has anyone else discovered this? Which do you buy?

Check out what everyone else is working on at Judy’s blog.


  1. Love your Kitchen Sink! I just made one recently too šŸ™‚

    Interesting about the batting–I do agree that not having all the fold lines sometimes matters to me. Often the size I want is not available in the packaged batting and I hate to buy the next size up and have a lot of odd skinny pieces left over. Thanks for doing the comparison and sharing!


  2. Your quilt is looking good.

    About the batting question: I have found the same thing–packaged is cheaper than by-the-yard IF you are really going to use it. By the yard is nice if you cut it to size with less waste, and it has fewer wrinkles, but otherwise I use packaged. In fact, I will buy king size and get multiple crib or twin quilts out of it and go cheaper yet.

    Thanks for sharing.


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