Sapphire 850 Issues

I bought my Viking Sapphire 850 specifically for quilting because it has that great 10″ bed. Up until early this year it was working great for Free Motion. No problems. Then it all went south. My thread started breaking every few inches, the needles started jamming and breaking. I was ready to throw it out the window.  Fortunately I have a service contract.

Took it in to the dealer and Diane was able to get it to work just fine. However, she meandered much slower than I do. But Sheesh it was working great for over a year. So, we sent it off for cleaning etc. And, she recommended I try the M foot rather than the spring foot.

I got it back and last week tried some meandering with he M foot. No dice. Thread breaking but no needle breaks. I was so mad, I packed it up in the car to take it back in. Then I jumped on the Internet and did some searches. What I found was that some owner’s had to problems at all and some owner’s had to fiddle with the settings. So, back out to the car, lug it back inside, set it up again, and play.

Well, long story short, here’s how I got it to Free Motion with no problems. I put on the spring foot, I did NOT lower the feed dogs, and I did NOT change the settings to use the Spring Foot setting, I did not change the fabric weight to Heavy. And, I meandered the whole quilt above with the thread breaking only once and that was my fault.

Just shows that every machine is different. I’m happy now.

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