Stash Report 10/23

Haven’t reported my stash usage in while. But after this week, I deserve a report. Here are my numbers for the week and year to date.

Total used this week: 10.90

Total used year to date:  62.31

Total added this week: 0

Total added year to date:  24.31

Net used year to date:  38.01

The number for yards used is big for me because my sister-in-law raided my stash and took 8 yards home with her. But that’s 8 yards no longer in my stash.

I’ve saved all my fabric buying for my trip to Ruthie’s Retreat in Shipshewana this next weekend. Hopefully, I’ll still be in the black when I get back. 🙂


  1. Special considerations should be made for Special Occassions. You just gotta work more to rein it back in…or bring your Sister-In-Law back! Have fun at the retreat. Sandi


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