2012 UFO Challenge

I’m almost too late. But Judy is keeping the sign ups open for another day or two. So, quickly, here is my list of UFOs to finish in 2012. I’ll add more info and pictures later.

1. 1930’s quilt. Ready for quilting.
2. Aunties Anvil. Ready for quilting.
3. Twister Xmas wreath wall hanging.
4. One of the sets of swap blocks from previous years. Doesn’t matter which one. I just want one more set finished this year.
5. Christmas Lights
6. Sloane’s Pink, green, navy quilt.
7. Nine surrounded small quilt.
8. Batik quilt from Shipshewana.
9. Double delight
10. Jacob takes a wife.
11. Big Star quilt
12. 16 patch and Pinwheel

Some of these were on my list for 2011, but most are new. I didn’t finish all the UFOs in 2011, but thanks to this challenge I finished projects that might still be hidden in the closet. So thanks, Judy for doing this again in 2012.

Happy New Year.

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