Design Wall Today

This weekend, I had to clear out my 1 1/2” strip bin. It was overflowing. I try to follow Bonnie’s Scrap User’s System. I cut mostly 2 1/2” and 2” strips but always try to get a 1 1/2” strip or two as well. I’m realizing that I don’t use 1 1/2” strips. Hence the overflowing bin. Here’s what it looked like Saturday morning:

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday taming these strips. Here’s what I accomplished:

At the end of the day Sunday, 42 4.5” x 6.5” blocks ready to be bordered on two sides with a solid and a top is born. And:

I had previously bought the Eleanor Burns Braid pattern/ruler with my 50% off coupon at Joann’s and said why can’t this work on 1.5” strips too. And, sure enough it does. I love these. I’ll keep going until I get the length I want. I’m thinking a quilt with three braids and solid sashing.

At the end of the weekend, I still had a drawer full of strips but it’s only about 3/4 full and all the strips are 18” or longer. Much more useful.

Check out the other design walls at Judy’s blog.


  1. Wow! Good job on taming your scraps. You left a nice comment on my blog yesterday about my arrowhead blocks, and I apologize — my spam catcher mistakenly “caught” your comment. I “unspammed” it, and I thank you for your comment! Sue H


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