2012 Final Stash Stats

It’s essentially the end of 2012 with only today and tomorrow to go. Maybe I’ll use some more stash but maybe not. If I do, I’ll count it in 2013 and get a head start.

Rather than just do this year’s stats, I started a summary page to see the last three years, since I started keeping track. Not pretty.

Summary of Stash Stats

Total In Total Used Net Change Cumulative Change
2010 158.17 58.89 (99.29) (99.29)
2011 46.48 62.63 16.16 (83.13)
2012 97.29 45.57 (51.73) (134.86)

All I can say is I have way too much fabric. So next year will be better. πŸ™‚ Maybe.

Linking up to Judy’s post.


  1. You did get a lot of projects done though! Perhaps another tactic…go through your stash and look for fabrics that are things you will never use and donate them. It leaves room for fabrics you love


    • I’ve thought of that too. Only rather than donate, I’d like to use it up in donation quilts. That way I can have fun with it and use it for a good cause too.


  2. Knowing is half the battle….or you could just think of it as a wonderful savings account of fabric. About half way through this year I really looked at my numbers and vowed I would not go over 200 yards in….I was already over 150yds by that time….and I did hold the line. 2013 I want to be under 50 yards purchased.


    • I guess I do think of it as a savings account for when I don’t have as much money to spend on fabric. πŸ™‚ But really, I’m running our of storage space. LOL. Good luck with your goal for 2013.


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