2012 UFO Challenge Recap and 2013 Challenge


It’s time to take a look back at what I accomplished in 2012. Judy’s 2012 UFO Challenge got off to a slow start because of an illness early in the year. But I have to say I managed to complete 8 of the 12 quilts on my list in spite of that. See my 2012 Completions.

The “almost” completion was the 16 Patch and Pinwheel. I managed to get it quilted on Dec. 30th and made a scrappy green binding. But I worked on Easy Street rather than get that binding attached on the 31st. Ah, well. An easy finish in 2013.

Sloane’s quilt and the batik KeyHole quilt move to my 2013 list as well.

Judy is doing something a little different this year, but Heather from Peachy Pages has taken up the lead for the 2013 UFO Challenge. I’ve added her icon and my 2013 list to the sidebar. All but one of the projects listed is a full size quilt (full size for me anyway), so I’ve got quite a challenge ahead of me. The January UFO is number 5, which I conveniently made the 16 Patch and Pinwheel. 🙂

I’ve started a 2013 Finished Quilts page and I’ll add each project as it’s completed. I’m counting on this being a good year for finishes.

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