16-Patch and Pinwheel Finished

This pattern is free on Bonnie Hunter’s blog.

I started making pinwheels using some pre-cut triangles that were in a scrap bag that I won in a blog giveaway. Lot’s of rectangles, squares, and triangles. The fabric was not my favorite but I was determined to make scrap quilts from it. See my Scrappy Sassy Sixteen also made from these scraps.

The blocks are 6″ and I used a 7 x 9 setting, 42.5″ x 55″.

The cream is largely from an IKEA sheet. I added a 1.5″ gold border and a 3.5″ brown border to finish it off.

The finished quilt is 65.5″ x 53.25″. The border looks wavy in the picture below but it really isn’t.

For the back I used a cream on cream wide muslin. I’ve decided I’m not crazy about light backings. Shows every little glitch that happened while quilting.

The batting is Cream Rose. This is the first time I tried it and I don’t like handling it. It is much thinner than Warm and Natural and it seemed to pull apart easily.

I quilted an all over large meander using a YLI brown variegated thread on top and a cream on the bottom.

I used a bunch of green and gold left over binding strips to machine bind the quilt.

I had a lot of trouble quilting this on my Sapphire 850. Lot’s of broken and frayed thread and several broken needles. I’m not sure if it was the batting or the coarser muslin backing that was causing the problem, because I haven’t had this problem to this extent on other quilts. So there were a lot of thread tangles in brown on the cream back that I had to deal with.


7/1/2012 – Finished top
11/21/2012 – Sandwiched quilt with wide muslin backing.
12/30/2012 – Quilted top
1/27/2012 – Machine bound.

Progress posts:


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