Design Wall Monday 4/22

Today is the day we go bagless in our county. No more shopping bags. I have been hit or miss about bringing my own bags for while now. But with the knowledge this was coming, I’ve gotten used to carrying a scrunchie bag or Target bag in my purse and I keep extras in the car for bigger shopping trips. This is a good thing, but like every other change, it will take some adjustment.

I had a good weekend busting stash for two backings and getting a couple quilts ready to quilt. See my previous post. I’ll report my stash busting for April next Sunday. Once a months seems enough for me.

Here’s what’s on my design wall today.

Bits and pieces of Bonnie’s Lazy Sunday mystery found in Quiltmaker and one wee little Wild & Goosey block.

Linking up to Judy’s Design Wall Monday post today.


  1. Going bagless will be a change for a bit. I really, really like the colors you are using for Bonnie’s new mystery! I have the magazines….need to get started on this. Love the itty bitty block!!


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