Knit a Long Week 4

Not much quilting going on here. I’ve been down with sinusitis for the past week and laid low on the weekend. Great for knitting though. photo

I’ve finished Welt 13 and another skein of yarn. 

I’m ready to begin the decreases for the Inner Collar. But, I’m stumped by the directions so I posted on Ravelry hoping someone would be able to help. There was a Coat of Many Colors KAL thread and I read through all the posts which helped some. When I posted my concern, I was lucky enough to have Sandra herself respond and between us we figured it out.

Somehow the direction to slip the “last” 113 stitches, for me turns out to be the “next” 113 stitches. But Sandra assured me it made no difference as long as I end up with my new starting point in the middle of section F. So I’m happily moving forward now.

What I learned this week:

  • How to break and then rejoin the yarn without fear.
  • Read and reread and question the directions if they don’t make sense.

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