Easy Chevrons for Celtic Solstice Part 2

Just took a look at Part 2 of Celtic Solstice Mystery. After all the units like these I just made for Lazy Sunday, I am not looking forward to making more of these.

UnknownLight bulb moment!

Why can’t these be strip pieced?ย The answer: They can!

I did a little math and it looks like I can make these with strips as follows:

  • 1 5/8″ strip of green
  • 1 5/8″ strip of neutral (the green portion needs to be 1 1/8″ wide for the corners to come out right)
  • 1 5/8″ strip of yellow or in my case tan

Sew together the three strips with the green in the middle. Then cut the strip sets at a 45 degree angle, some in both directions to get opposing chevron pieces.

photo 1

Cut your 45 degree angle slices every 2″ to get the right width. I used my 3.5″ square to measure the 2″ inches and I line up the 45 degree mark on my 6 x 12 inch ruler with one of the green/tan or green/cream seams for accuracy.

Then line up your 3.5″ ruler with the side and the two green points.

photo 2

Slice off the excess tan and cream and you have a perfect 2″ x 3.5″ unit.

photo 3

Sew together and press the seam open. A perfect 3.5″ square.

photo 4

I still have waste triangles of the tan and cream, but no waste green triangles. So I figure I’m saving some amount of fabric and loads of time with this method. My waste triangles are now in my box for the Wild and Goosey paper pieced blocks.


To save even more time, take two strip sets and press seams in opposing directions as Bonnie suggests. Then sandwich the strip sets together before you slice on the diagonal.

photo 1

Then you can slice the opposing directions all at once.

photo 2

Trim by lining up your 3.5″ ruler on the 2″ mark at the end of each seam line where the points form, and you’ll have your units nested together all ready to sew.

Tried this again today and it works perfectly to get your 3.5″ chevron unit with no trimming required.

I’ve added a link to a printable version of this post here.

I’ll hook this up to Bonnie’s Monday Progress post when it goes live.


PS: Someone asked about the border units for Lazy Sunday. Use three 2″ strips, cut diagonally at 2.5″ wide and it works.

52 thoughts on “Easy Chevrons for Celtic Solstice Part 2

  1. Thank you so much for your tutorial. It really helped a lot. I found that if I sewed the two sides of the chevron together before trimming to 3.5 inches I had less trimming and “better” squares at least for me.


  2. Thank you very much, I tried this , I had to change it from Inch to metric….
    I was concerned about the bias, but this saved time!!
    I modified your design and went from 3 strips to 5: white green yellow green and white again.
    and cut then the yellow strip .
    thanks for sharing it .


  3. Thank You ! for the strip piecing way to make the chevrons. I just finished making my HST’s for Step 3. I used the strip tube ruler for making them. This method uses 1.75 inch strips and strip piecing. If you are not familiar with this ruler, check it out. With it, I will never consider buying the Lazy Angle Ruler for making HST’s. Now I have to go back and finish Step 2.


  4. The brilliance is hot! I am not participating due to too much work load but have been saving each week’s step. I saved your little awesome and brilliant technique! How nice of you to share! Thanks so much!!


  5. karen thks fir sharing but… i feel embarrassed, have made hundred quilts but am doing something wrong here. i tried and the block measures a nice 2,5 by 3.5 . maybe it is age but where does it go wrong? pls help, thks again, annette


  6. You are my Hero. I know some like to sew those tiny pieces together,,,,,me…not so much. Mine never come out right. Your method for strip piecing is genius!!!


  7. Thanks for this great idea, unfortunately, my chevron squares are already finished, but they sure were tedious! I’d love to use your method in the future.


  8. Hi I just found out from reading the comments we live in the same general area I am in Benicia
    Loved your strip piecing idea
    I haven’t started just picked my colors
    Mine are pastels ( soft baby colors) blue green pink yellow and Kona snow for neutral
    Thank you


  9. I am about to do my border for Lazy Sunday. Can you help me with the strip sizes and particulars? I would love to see your if it is done ๐Ÿ™‚



  10. Wow – that was a true light bulb moment! I have a template for a spinner block that is made with strips similar to this but couldn’t figure the math out to make it smaller. So much less wasted fabric! Great job! Thanks for the post!


  11. What a brilliant idea! I had already cut and sewn mine when I found your link. But I think it would make an amazingly quick Baby Quilt and can’t wait to try it out….Thanks for sharing


  12. Karen, I am so glad there are people like you that are so smart and share so freely. Thank you much
    I just have to try this.


  13. I am all in when it comes to short cuts. My BFF in Texas always does the easiest and quickest route to cutting/sewing. Thanks for sharing, and I’m looking forward to the NEXT big tip!!


    1. Exactly right. Mine is going to be a bit more controlled scrappy. I’ll be mixing in some different greens a strip at a time. And, my cream and tan are all the same.


  14. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Too bad I already cut out the pieces, & am now about to attach them. Your method looks so much easier & accurate.


  15. Thanks for sharing this ingenious tip! This little block is so cute that I’m sure I will make it for a border sometime so your instructions will definitely come in handy!


  16. Wow, thanks for the tips. If you are near Southern California, message me i’m looking for someone to sew with on this project. I’m in the San Diego area.


  17. Love the idea. I am concerned about the bias. Did you cut your strips on the bias so that when you piece them they will be on the straight of grain? Just a thought.


    1. No, I didn’t cut on the bias. I knew I would have bias edges going into this. But they did’t concern me, and I had no trouble with stretching while sewing the seams and pressing the units. I’ve also heard starching the strips before cutting can help with bias edges, but I didn’t do that either.


  18. Thanks for this tutorial. I had been wondering how this could be done a little easier. Haven’t been able to get started yet but I will be using Christmas fabrics.


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