Grand Illusion Part 1

Here are my choices for the Grand Illusion mystery.

The red is my constant color and the dark green is in place of black. The lighter green, pink, and gray are from Moda’s Front Porch line. The dark green is Kansas Troubles. All these were purchased last month in Lolly’s Down Under in Shipshewana.

Here’s the first completed unit for Part 1, lots more to go.



  1. This is my first time on your website. It is wonderful. I love all of your helpful advice. Are you going
    to provide us with instructions to make chevrons for Grand Illusion MQ? I was told you gave a wonderful
    method for chevrons for the Celtic Solstice. Thanks so much.


    • I just posted some quicky instructions before I head out of town. Hope this gets you started. Do a test unit before you cut a whole bunch.


    • I really enjoy reading your posts and tips on the different techniques. I especially liked your method of making the chevrons in Celtic Solstice. Is there any chance of you doing the same for Grand Illusion? I bet there are others besides me who would REALLY appreciate it!
      Thanks so much for providing such a great resource to come and view your beautiful work!


    • Yes, I will be using the same method for Part 2 as I did last year. I’m leaving town for the weekend shortly so I won’t be starting Part 2 until at least Sunday afternoon. But basically you need to determine the width that the center strip needs to be. Add 1/2″ for the two seam allowances and then determine the width of the two outer strips. What I will do is measure Bonnie’s template to determine the center width and go from there. I know that’s vague but until I actually do it myself, it’s hard to describe.


      • THANKS so VERY much! I LOVE all of your helpful techniques!! You’re the best! Have a great weekend!


      • Thanks so very much…I really appreciate your help and dedication to the world of quilting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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