Grand Illusion Part 2

Several people have asked if I was going to post measurements for making the half chevrons using the method I wrote up last year for Celtic Solstice here. (I’ve heard others before me have published this method, but I honestly did figure out all the measurements myself by trial and error.)

I’m headed out of town shortly for the weekend, but decided to do my test unit quickly before I left. Here are the measurements that worked for me. Please do some test units before you cut and sew a bunch of strips.

Cut the light strips 1 15/16″ (mine was closer to 2″) and the black and pink strips 2 1/4″. Cut on the 45 degree at 2.5″ widths.
Then trim to 2 1/2″ by 4 1/2″.


Sew together, press (I pressed the seam open), and you should have a 4 1/2″ square unit.
Have fun making these units.

Linking to Bonnie’s Part 2 progress post.



  1. I just used your method on my grand illusion. Love it. You also sent me dimensions for Lazy Sunday. I never would have done this step for that quilt without your method. Thank you!


  2. oh my gosh, THANK YOU!!! I was wondering if we could do it that way. I’ve done the strip piecing way for one project and the sew and flip for another and the sew and flip looked HORRIBLE! Now to save this so I can find it again!!!!


  3. very clever method of creating the chevrons but one part that would bug me is that the tops of the triangles would be on the bias and therefore prone to stretching if you aren’t careful but all you have to do is just be careful right? Great advice


  4. Thank you so much for this! I tried the strip set method using slightly different measurements, and they were not good. I have greater success sewing first and then cutting, so I will try this way again tomorrow. Again, thanks!


  5. Hmm that’s what I am planning to do the other way is much too fussy and I have made diamond strips forever this way, thanks for the measurements mine were a skosh different but I haven’t tried them yet!


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