Easy Street Part 2 & 3


Last night I finished my Part 2 and Part 3 for the Easy Street mystery.

I used my “Alternate Method” for making the units in Step 3 and I had them finished in a flash. I’m very excited to be keeping up with this mystery.

I’ve still got Orca Bay, Roll Roll Cotton Boll, and Carolina Christmas in my UFO pile. And, Double Delight is waiting to be quilted.

I’m not letting this happen with this quilt.



Yesterday, I finally got busy on making some Christmas gifts.

I made this really cute little baby doll sleeping bag for my grand-niece for Christmas.

I used Connie Reskin’s pattern and it was so easy to put together. I got the 8” baby doll at Target.

In addition, I made three Lavender Eye Pillows for my nieces. I think I’ll write up a tutorial about how easy it is to make those.

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Shaded Four Patch Tutorial

For Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Part 3, we are asked to make more (I’m still working on these units from Orca Bay 🙂 ) shaded four patches. While the method Bonnie uses works fine, I’m bored with sewing triangles on squares. So, I searched around on the web and found this method in Billie Lauder’s YouTube video and a couple of other places. Although, the instructions weren’t for the size we need. So I decided to experiment and I came up with this, which works perfectly for me.

1. Cut two 2” purple squares from the purple 2” strips as in Bonnie’s instructions.

2. Cut two 2 3/4” rectangles from the white/black 2” strips.

3. Sew each purple square to a white/black rectangle. Press the seams toward the right. Mine are finger pressed at this point.

4. Sew the two rectangles together with the purple squares at opposite ends, just like a four patch.

5. Clip the seam allowance in the center so you can press the seams toward the white/black on both sides. Again, mine are just finger pressed.

6. Using the Easy Angle ruler or in my case, the Fons and Porter equivalent ruler, slice the finished unit in half diagonally as shown to get two perfect 3 1/2” triangles.

7. Sew two 3 1/2” triangles to the newly cut units as in Bonnie’s instructions to complete two 3 1/2” square unfinished units.

And there you have it. Another way to make the shaded four patch unit.

Update 12/10/2012: It was mentioned to me that this method was also shown in a book by Sally Schneider (Scrap Mania: More Quick Pieced Quilts). So, I’m happy to give credit where credit is due. Although I have no direct knowledge of Sally’s method or the book myself.

Update 6/24/2014: Adding the additional step I’m using to complete the 3.5″ unit. Cut a 3.5″ x 4.25″ rectangle of the corner triangle color.  Using the HST ruler of your choice and mentioned in step 6, draw the cut line on the Step 4 unit. Place the solid rectangle on top of step 4, right sides together. Sew 1/4″ on either side of the cut line. Then cut on the cut line. You should have two perfect 3.5″ shaded triangle units.

Easy Street Part 2

My knee is finally feeling good enough for me to do some cutting. So I cut all my triangles for Easy Street Part II today. I’ll start sewing them as soon as I can sit at the machine for any length of time.

As a result of my right knee pain these past months, I did teach myself to use the foot pedal with my left foot, so that is a huge help.

Productive Saturday

Today, I did the following:

  • Pieced the triangles needed to complete the sashing pieces for Orca Bay
  • Started adding more triangles to the HSTs for the Orca Bay border. These will be done as leaders and Enders for awhile.
  • Added red inner and blue outer borders on the construction truck quilt.
  • Pieced the pink and purple backing for Sloane’s Happy Child quilt.

Also, today I realized I miscounted the number of four patches I need for Part 1 of Easy Street. I made 63 but I need 130 or so. I’m afraid I will use up all the grey fabric on these and not have any for other parts of the quilt, so I think I will hold off making the additional four patches until more of the parts are revealed and I see where else the grey is used. In the meantime, I grabbed a grey top sheet that Mark wasn’t using for Darby’s bed and I will keep that in reserve if I need more grey. It matches the grey tone on tone I’m already using.

Easy Street Part 1

And so a new Bonnie Hunter mystery begins. This year Bonnie has designed a mystery that will be a little easier on us. Not so many small pieces. 🙂

I pieced 60 grey and white with black four patches. But before I cut the strips into twosies, I spilled my coffee on them and had to run them through the wash. Sigh! There are still some light coffee stains but no one will be able to tell but me.

I’m not going to make a queen sized version, so I’m planning on making 3/4ths of the units and see where it gets me. I’ve finished Part 1. Gray and white with black 4 patches.

I’m having knee surgery on Friday the 30th so I’ll have to catch up on Part 2 as soon as I can.

Today, I also pieced and attached the thin Navy border on the Happy Child quilt.

And, who says we don’t have fall colors in California? This tree is across the street from the end of my driveway. The picture really doesn’t do it justice with sun shining on it.

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